IK Multimedia news from the NAMM

At the NAMM 2006 in Anaheim, IK Multimedia came with a lot of press news for us. New products, software bundles and announcements of new partnerships with other major players in the industry. We have listed the IK news for you.

* CSR, Classik Studio Reverb will be shipping in January 2006. CSR™ offers a suite of 4 high-end studio-quality reverb plugins modeled after popular outboard classics. A complete suite of studio quality reverbs with 4 high end reverb plug-ins. CSR offers a suite of 4 high quality reverbs: HALL, ROOM, AMBIENCE and INVERSE; designed to emulate the sounds of acclaimed high-quality outboard reverb units. With these four classic studio reverb choices, Classik Studio Reverb offers a superior and trusted sound for any type of mix situation.

* IK AmpliTube® LE bundled with PreSonus recording interfaces
IK Multimedia and PreSonus are working in collaboration to provide bundled packages of IK’s AmpliTube® LE software with all audio recording interfaces distributed by PreSonus. The introduction of a special version of IK’s advanced guitar amp and effects modeling plug-in, AmpliTube, into the PreSonus “Pro Pack” bundle of software tools adds a competitive dimension and creative solution for effects processing; rounding out the collection of software and hardware studio tools provided.

* Ampeg® SVX announced
IK and Ampeg®, are pleased to disclose more information on the highly anticipated Ampeg® SVX, the first bass amp plug-in, with the classic signature sound of some of the best bass amps in the world.
Complete bass-rig plug-in with multiple amps, cabinets, stomps and tuner. Mix and match between amps and cabinets of the most sought-after Ampeg gear to produce 24 amazing bass amp combinations. Plus, you’ll have a complete bass pedal board with 6 fully configurable stomp effects. In addition, select among 8 classic bass effects crafted after classic Ampeg stomps and other must-have vintage gear. Add a tuner and separate direct/amped signal path for a complete software bass rig. The Ampeg SVX interface offers 4 individual components: separate Amp Head, Miked Cabinets, plus a Stomp Pedal board organized the same way a bass rig is laid out. Two parallel signal paths make it possible to have separate direct bass sounds, mixed with different processed amped signals for an instant, top-quality studio sound anywhere…whether you are recording or jamming!

AMPEG SVX features:
– 4 Modules: Tuner, Stomp, Amp, Cabinet +Mic selection/placement
– 4 signature Ampeg-modeled bass amps: SVT Classic, SVT 4 PRO, BA500 and the B15 Portaflex
– 6 signature Ampeg® cabinet models: 1×15, 2×10, 2×12, 2 models of 4×10, and also 8×10
– 24 bass amp combinations
– 8 analog modeled stomps on 6 slots with flexible routing: Chorus, Delay, Octaver®, Wah, Envelope, Filter, Overdrive and Compressor
– High precision tuner
– Ultra-accurate analog modeling with DSM™ technology
– All effects BPM syncable
– Supports all major platforms on both Mac® and PC
– Ampeg SVX is expected to be released in Quarter 1 of 2006, at an MSRP of $399/Euro329.

* IK announces new bundle series
The IK Multimedia Bundle Series offers the perfect solution for recording, arranging and playing any style of music. IK’s application-oriented, premiere plug-in packages include everything needed to create professional sounding music, with all the effects and instruments found in a high-quality recording and post-production studio. Flexibly arranged, with anywhere from 2 to 7 of IK’s premier production software applications in one box, these bundles are specific to the needs of the musician. The IK Bundle packages are designed to help take music production to the next level.

6 IK Bundle packages will be available:
• Guitar & Bass Bundle- AmpliTube® 2 and Ampeg® SVX-The combination of AmpliTube 2 and Ampeg® SVX provides a slammin’ guitar amp and bass effects processing powerhouse!
• Workstation Bundle- SampleTank® 2.1 XL, Sonik Synth™ 2 and Miroslav Philharmonik™
• Effects Bundle- Classik Studio Reverb™ and T-RackS®-A complete professional signal processing effects package designed to get the trusted and superior sound needed for hit-quality music.
• Studio Bundle – SampleTank 2 XL, AmpliTube 2 and T-RackS- The classic IK Studio Bundle is ideal for 360° professional or project music production and offers the perfect solution for playing, recording and arranging your own music.
• Effects Bundle Deluxe- AmpliTube® 2, Ampeg® SVX, Classik Studio Reverb™ and T-RackS®-An Effects powerhouse offering 4 different types of signal processing options.
• Studio Bundle Deluxe – The entire collection of IK plug-ins: AmpliTube 2, Ampeg SVX, Classik Studio Reverb, T-RackS, SampleTank 2 XL, Sonik Synth 2 and Miroslav Philharmonik all in one box.

* IK SampleTank® SE/LE now bundled with MAGIX Music Creation software
IK’s specialized versions of SampleTank 2 are now bundled with the following MAGIX
– Samplitude
– Sequoia
– Music Maker and Music Studio, offering enhanced tools for music production and broadcasting.

The bundled combination of MAGIX audio software and sequencers with
IK’s industry standard workstation plug-in provides users with an all-in-one solution to immediately
start composing and creating music.

* AmpliTube® StompIO™ disclosed – advanced professional USB foot controller
StompIO™ powered by AmpliTube®, is a revolutionary new USB foot controller creatively designed to be compatible with the highly anticipated release of the new AmpliTube 2, guitar and FX modeling plug-in.
Combined with a computer, StompIO revolutionizes the modeling processor market: with some of the best sounds ever available in a floor unit, the staggering power of PC based DSP modeling, 20,000 amp combinations, 32 effects on 2 rigs, and all of these parameters are controllable with exactly the same feeling as a traditional guitar floor processor (without the need to even see a monitor or touch a mouse). AmpliTube 2 and StompIO together form one of the most powerful floor processing systems ever made. No other hardware unit can benefit from the huge processing power of the modern CPU. This translates into better sounds and more powerful features, such as smooth preset changing. This advanced software/hardware system gives you direct access to over 4,000 instantly playable presets for a monstrous sound set-up. 10 foot switches, 7 knobs, 2 large displays, up to 6 configurable external controllers, MIDI IN/OUT, hi-quality direct IN, USB, SPDIF, balanced/unbalanced stereo OUT and more, all in a rugged metal construction.

– StompIO Features:
Controls list:
– 4 digits large display LCD
– 40X2 Large alphanumeric display of characters
– Volume knob
– 3 LED levels
– 4 navigation buttons
– Instant Tuner recall button
– 6 knobs with rotary encoders
– 10 foot switches
– Ability to connect 6 external controllers, with pedal/switch connections

Connection list:
– Ultra-low latency USB
– High Quality Direct Guitar IN
– Direct OUT
– Low-level STEREO OUT
– Balanced STEREO OUT
– Digital SPDIF OUT
– Headphones OUT
– 6 external controller, pedal/switch

For more information on IK Multimedia and these new products or news items, please visit their website.

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