releases LiveSlice 1.35

This update contains numerous bugfixes and workflow improvements.

New fatures since 1.3:
* Spline interpolation = better sound quality
* Zero dB line in slicer
* improved the grid / event display:
* gui opens faster
* Improved tolerance for erroneous wav files
* selecting a parameter now terminates the current shift+LMB selection
* shift+LMB selecting a slice deselects the current parameter to indicate that parameter values cannot be changed.
* the delete buttons now work as normal windows buttons (if you release the mouse outside the button, no action is taken

* display was not updated on end recording – fixed
* snap function now sets the pitch envelope value (within +- 1 octave), and is saved with the song
* freeze when randomizing two events bug fixed
* skipping slices in ACID / Directixer fixed
* the note divisions for the triplets are now correct
* sometimes slices were inserted at a wrong position – this has now been fixed.
* you can now disable the “include loops in songs and banks” feature
* Fixed problems with loading a large number of wave files
* grid snap values are restored correctly
* file browser now scrolls with the same speed regardless of the number of files in the current directory
* always delete the first loop bug fixed
* double triggering when changing arranger durations bug fixed
* skipping events when sequencer loop was shorter than liveslice loop bug fixed
* fixed a bug in the wave file preview code

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