Sonicbytes announces Phrazor

Phrazor is a Plugin Chainer/Rack/Sequencer combination. It can do a lot of things for you, no matter in which host it is loaded. Phrazor has 64 Tracks, each providing up to 8 Plugin-Slots. You can see Phrazor as a Rack for all your software Synthesizers. The Basic usage is combining instruments and effects in order to simplify everydays work.

Phrazor allows you to combine, play and sequence your plugins in one intuitive interface:
* Rack style GUI providing 64 Tracks, each with 8 Plugin-Slots
* Build reusable Racks, Sounds, Clips
* Efficient workflow with Drag ‘n Drop and customizable Browsers
* Categorize your Racks, Sounds and Clips
* Move your work between systems (Host/OS-independent file formats)
* Semi-Modular Routing
* Horizontal Mixer supporting Sends and Effect Racks
* Provides Sound design on a higher level
* Full-featured Sequencer with Playlist, Pianoroll and Fullscreen-modes
* Ready for Live-Performances providing Snapshots and Scenes

The release is scheduled for April/May ’06. A free fully functional Preview version is available for download.

Sonicbytes Phrazor.

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