Magix releases Samplitude and Sequoia v.8.31

Recently Magix has updated Samplitude and Sequoia to v8.31. The free updates to V8.31. are immediately available for all registered Sequoia-/Samplitude customers. Samplitude ranks among the most successful and ambitious solutions of its kind for PC-based audio authoring, editing and mastering. Sequoia is the high definition digital sudio workstation from Magix.

* “no ripple for locked objects” in lock definitions for consistent handling of locked objects with ripple: Hereby any mouse operation which would lead to ripple of locked objects gets blocked and causes a warning dialog.
o “no ripple for locked objects” = OFF: for delete and insert commands to be carried out, you can chose between “ripple all” and “ripple unlocked objects”.
o “no ripple for locked objects” = ON: mouse operation and delete/insert commands are carried out up to the point where the locked objects start.
* MP3 Encoder quality settings maintain in between program sessions now.
* Fixed: the network dongle is now working with Codemeter Runtime 2.2+.
* [Sequoia]: Content-Key-Function is available now in the crossfade editor for left and right object mouse operations (if “limited mouse operation” is switched off). This is especially useful for sync edit without ripple.

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