Lynx Aurora converters with Pro Tools HD systems

Lynx Studio Technology today introduced the LT-HD for the Aurora 16 and Aurora 8 converters.

The LT-HD is an L-Slot interface for the Aurora A/D D/A converters that provides digital input and output in a format that is recognizable by Digidesign Pro Tools | HD systems. LT-HD equipped Auroras can be connected to HD Core or Accel Core cards with standard Digidesign cabling and can operate seamlessly with all HD-compatible versions of Pro Tools software.

“Since we introduced Aurora in late 2004, our customers have been asking for a way to use Aurora with the very popular Pro Tools | HD system. Now, with the LT-HD in either the Aurora 16 or Aurora 8, connectivity with the Digidesign system is possible,” stated Bob Bauman, co-founder of Lynx. “An added benefit is that Pro Tools users can now benefit from Lynx’s exclusive SynchroLock word clock for very low jitter and low distortion of digital signals.”

The LT-HD contains one Primary and one Expansion DigiLink port for up to 32 channels of conversion per HD Core or Accel Core card (using two Aurora 16’s). This supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192 kHz. The LT-HD offers audio signal latency identical to that of the Digidesign 192 I/O™ for accurate delay compensation within Pro Tools – no manual delay adjustments are required.

The LT-HD also allows I/O functions for parameter control to be controlled and monitored within Pro Tools, while interfacing with HD system using standard DigiLink cables.

The LT-HD will be available in July, 2006 with a US suggested retail price of $395.

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