Musicrow releases a White Crow

Music Row White Crow VST is released. White Crow is a virtual monophonic synthesizer with a very distinctive sound that uses a unique synthesis method called Phase Distortion Synthesis.

White Crow takes Phase Distortion a few steps further, with two super PD oscillators, phase distortion envelopes & LFO, special signal flow design and an advanced effects section.

White Crow VSTi, like the original Casio CZ synths, offers 8 basic waveforms: saw, square, pulse, doublesine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2 and reso3. A second set of (identical) waveforms can be added to create new unusual waveforms.

White Crow includes an advanced effects section with Phaser, Chorus, Reverb, Distortion and two types of delays.

Music Row.

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