Five12 announces Numerology 2.0 plus release of v.1.4.3.

The little elves at Five12 have been very busy over the last several months working on a ground-up rewrite of Numerology to support a slew of new features. A few of these include: Universal Binary Support, ReWire, New Sequencing and MIDI processing modules, an all-new routing page, mixer scenes, a much-revised user interface, improved AU integration, and much more.

Next to the announcement of version 2.0, Five12 released an update for the current version. Improvements in v1.4.3 (since v1.4.2):
* Fixed an Audio prefs issue that caused a crash under Rosetta.
* Fixed a preset save bug that would cause the preset save dialog to appear twice.
* Fixed a bug in saving pan info.
* Fixed a bug that kept Numerology from launching in Panther.
* Fixed a bug where pan was not saved/restored with a file.
* ProgChange module changes:
o The “ProgramNum” parameter can now be automated.
o Each time the “ProgramNum” parameter is changed, it will send out a program change msg.
* Added a hidden pref to disable transmission of MIDI song pos ptr, which should be needed only in rare circumstances.
* The MidiSwitch & SignalSwitch modules should now work correctly.
* Handling of CC control over the ctl seq module has been tweaked to ensure that incoming values are quantized when appropriate, and so that the UI does not display a value different from what the sequencer outputs.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when deleting a group.
* This build seems to work fine in both 10.3.9/Quicktime 7 and 10.4.1.
* Most of the UI controls in this version have been revised to avoid various drawing errors that occurred with earlier versions.
* When setting factory presets for AUs, Numerology now sends both preset number and name. Some recent AU’s crash if you don’t also send the name (which according to the AU spec, should be optional for factory presets).
* “mouseMoved” events are now turned on for AU edit windows, this allows mouse-overs and menus to work more smoothly. In particular this was an issue w/ NI plugins.
* Plugsound free now seems to work correctly. Hopefully this will translate to other plugins based on the UVI engine.


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