Ueberschall releases Liquid Horn Section

Ueberschall today announced the availability of Liquid Horn Section, the sixth volume in the Liquid Instruments Series for VST, Audio Units and RTAS. Using the highly acclaimed Melodyne technology from Celemony Software, Liquid Horn Section makes it possible for the first time to change a single voice within a horn section, and adjust it to the individual composers needs.

Unbelievable but true: no other plug-in allows for creating such a flexible, authentic-sounding horn section as easily. Key, tempo, scale – everything can be changed at the touch of a button and automatically synced. Even individual notes within a single voice can be changed as simply as changing a MIDI note, enabling the creation of countless variations within seconds! All this is possible through a combination of live-recorded licks and phrases and the unique Melodyne technology from Celemony. The horn sections consist of baritone, tenor and alto sax, trombone, trumpet and flute. Performances have been recorded by studio professionals playing high-quality instruments in full 24 bit, using no FX processing.

Styles vary from 60s/70s Soul and Funk, Disco, 80s Pop, 90s Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Rock, Funk, House, RnB, HipHop, up to the most current hit productions.

Liquid Instruments general Key Features:
– change notes within the phrase
– control audio material as simply as midi data
– adapt tempo and key
– audio quantize
– select from a wide range of musical scales
– control all parameters in real time
– pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
– easily generate your individual setup
– multiple content management
– edit start and ending
– audio export
– all parameters midi controllable
– great bandwidth of styles
– highest quality recording equipment
– played by the best studio musicians
– sync to host sequencer

Liquid Instruments Vol. 6 Horn Section is available for USD 199,-/ Euro 169,-


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