Livelab released version 1.44 of LiveSlice has released version 1.44 of LiveSlice. LiveSlice is a beat slicer / arranger VSTi with an edge. It offers powerful graphical rearranging of slices, multiple tracks and tons of parameters to apply to each slice as well as a unique slice randomization feature. Everything can be controlled by MIDI fine tuned in the GUI and seamlessly integrated in your midi sequencer, all in one creative workflow.

New features / changes:
* GUI optimized – more than twice as fast – especially when using large arrangements
* 72 arrangements – 3 banks of 24
* playback position is only reset the first time the play button is pressed
* track clear changed (mouse buttons reversed): LMB does a complete clear, RMB leaves empty events
* improved event display when moving events

* single slice trigger timing bug fixed
* gui play button bug fixed (is now updated correctly)
* settings page display bug fixed
* changing number of visible tracks now refreshes properly
* parameter value set and display bugs fixed
* Audiomulch crash when closing file dialogs fixed


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