Cakewalk announced Sonar 6

Sonar have announced new versions of SONAR. SONAR 6 (producer and studio editions) will be shipping worldwide by the end of September.

New features for SONAR 6 Producer Edition include the innovative Active Controller Technology™ (ACT), revolutionary AudioSnap™ feature set, and VC-64 Vintage Channel™, among many others.

For project studios and musicians on a budget, don’t have to sacrifice features for affordability, because SONAR 6 Studio Edition is built upon the same core feature set and pristine 64-bit double precision engine as SONAR 6 Producer Edition.

New Feature Highlights:
* Active Controller Technology (ACT): dynamically re-maps effect, mix and instrument parameters to hardware controllers
* AudioSnap™ Multitrack Audio Quantize
* AudioSnap suite of tools includes:
o Non-destructive audio quantize
o Lock multiple tracks into the same groove
o Apply seamless tempo changes to audio
o Convert audio beats to MIDI
o Slip-stretch clips to a new time or length
o High-quality time stretching algorithms including iZotope Radius™, Percussion Mode, more
* VC-64 Vintage Channel™—warm sound, dual EQ and compressor stages, analog component modeling, presets by professionals
* Session Drummer™ 2 instrument with professional multi-sampled drum kits, hundreds of live-recorded, vital patterns
* New Synth Rack makes managing, controlling, and automating your instruments simple
* Console view redesigned for ergonomic mixing
* Modular Transport provides easy playback control and vital visual feedback
* Analyst spectrum analyzer
* Clip editing enhancements including lock to time, clip data lock with options for specific atributes (position, duration, both)
* Work seamlessly with VST plug-ins—VST support is now integrated into SONAR 6 and no longer requires an external VST to DX adapter
* Automation enhancements: read/write controls for tracks and plug-ins, enable automation during playback and record, visual automation cues, more
* Fast Zoom enables fast, precise edits without losing your place
* Mouse wheel support for parameter control and zoom
* Crash Recovery safeguards your projects against faulty plug-ins and other sources of crashes
* Automatic file versioning: back up projects with time/date stamps for easy access to old versions
* Customizable user interface: put favorite features right at your fingertips
* User-customizable plug-in menus for easy organization and grouping
* Friendly driver naming (user-customizable audio hardware port names)
* Custom color schemes with saturation, hue, and brightness controls and color categories for easy customization
* Existing SONAR customers will also be interested in the user requested list of enhancements added to SONAR 6

Pricing: SONAR 6 Producer Edition Euro 619. Studio Editon is priced at Euro 369. Several upgrade offers are available as well.

Cakewalk Sonar 6

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