Universal Audio releases UAD V4.4 software

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plugins for digital audio workstations, today announced the web launch of v4.4 software for the UAD-1 and UAD-1e DSP card and powered plugins system.

Version 4.4 includes a 14-day fully functional demo of the second Neve® licensed plug-in – the coveted 33609 Bus Compressor. Registered UAD-1 customers may purchase full authorizations of the 33609/33609 SE two plug-in bundle for US$249 from my.uaudio.com

Key Features:
* Exclusively Neve licensed/UA modeled 33609 bus compressor
* Compression curves and nonlinearities modeled to exacting detail
* Auto-release settings offer program dependent qualities
* “Software-only” controls link and additional 20 dB output gain
* Stereo or mono operation/ SE Version for Higher instance counts

Universal Audio

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