TC Helicon announces version 1.2 Of VoicePro

The latest software for the TEC Award Nominee VoicePro, increases preset capacity to 550 in addition to improvements to pitch shifting, which solidify VoicePro as the industrys best pitch shifter for the human voice, especially in dialog production.

VoicePro version 1.2 adds the following improvements and changes:

* Overall pitch detection has been improved resulting in smoother pitch shifting in VirtuaLead and Harmony paths. This benefit extends to the Inflection and Vibrato blocks as well
* Low frequency pitch detection extended for smoother shifting of deep input voices
* Faster preset loading
* Extended Factory and Preset banks to 275 presets each. Added 25 new Factory presets based on user requests
* Transducer routing change crossfade added. This silences an infrequent noise burst when changing the Transducer routing parameter
* Portamento in VirtuaLead pitch shift block improved when using MIDI to provide target notes
* Out-of-range pitch shift intervals that occured when triggered by MIDI capped to prevent system slowdowns
* Fix to chord table used for chord recognition
* Note – Users of the Vysor Editor who are upgrading to VoicePro v1.2 need to download the updated editor. Click the Editors link at left column to access it
* VoicePro Software v. 1.2

TC Helicon

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