Sequoia and Samplitude Patch 9.01 updates

Magix releases updates for Sequoia and Samplitude. Patches with new features and bugfixes for all Sequoia 9 / Samplitude 9 versions are now available.

Sequoia draws upon years of co-operation with experienced producers and sound engineers to tackle every challenge faced by modern professional recording studios. Besides a wide array of proven recording and editing tools, Sequoia also offers new outstanding editing and crossfade functionality. It also includes intuitive source/destination cutting, excellent marker setup, and an efficient crossfade editor with which all crossfade parameters can be edited in real-time.

Samplitude is one of the most successful solutions for audio and MIDI recording, editing & mastering on the PC. The new version provides you with lots of innovations based around the new Hybrid Audio Engine. Improvements to the internal audio effects have been carefully implemented throughout. With the Score Editor for Samplitude Professional, the VSTi Manager for Samplitude Professional and Classic as well as the MAGIX plug-ins, you now have even more MIDI and VST features to choose from. The newly integrated Track Editor along with the advanced display options make sure that track handling is as clear as possible.

9.01 offers optimizations in the fields of performance, display, latency compensation, mixer functions, impulse responses, spectral cleaning (edit length up to 5 minutes) etc.

Patches are available in the support area.

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