Steinberg Cubase 4 Remix-Contest

Steinberg starts TODAY an International Remix competition that builds upon the Cubase 4 “All 4 You” demo song which has been heavily featured in the ongoing Cubase 4 campaign.

Contestants are invited to remix the Cubase “All 4 You” demo-song using audio material and a Cubase project file provided on the Cubase (Studio) 4 product installer DVDs and on the FREE Cubase 4 Product Presentation DVDs (available at every Steinberg Dealer). There will
also be MP3 files of the single tracks downloadable from the Steinberg website for people who don’t have a music store nearby or who just want to remix with a different DAW than Cubase 4. The MP3s will be offered in 2 packages – a package containing all single tracks and a smaller vocal track package for users who either don’t need all tracks or are on a slower internet connection.

Upload and winner selection
The remixes can be uploaded via a special remix page on The remix length is restricted to 4 minutes. Participants also have to declare that they are not affiliated with any royalty collection agency. There will be prizes for the best 20
remixes. First price is a 3-day trip to Steinberg’s home city of Hamburg, a visit to the Steinberg head office to get to know the Cubase development team, and meet up with company founder Charlie Steinberg!! Other prices are Yamaha hardware and Steinberg Virtual Instruments and Steinberg “All 4 You” T-Shirts!!

Read all about the “All 4 You” Remix Contest.

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