IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality announce strategic alliance with Moog Music

IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality are proud to announce a strategic alliance with Moog Music to bring out sample based products focused on Moog synthesizer sounds. In an effort to present the flavors of Moog synthesizer history as playable sounds, Sonic Reality has sampled the entire range of vintage Moog synthesizers and together with IK Multimedia, they have created SampleMoog the first comprehensive collection of Moog samples available as a plugin powered by SampleTank.

“While there are already some Moog-themed plug-ins out there, we wanted to capture the wider sonic flavors that come from the entire range of Moog synthesizers put out over the years including vintage Polymoogs, Memorymoogs and Taurus Pedals as well as the latest Minimoog Voyager and other synths that have never been modeled,” says Dave Kerzner CEO of Sonic Reality. “We’re honored to be doing this in cooperation with Moog Music Inc. and the
Moog Foundation to pay homage to the legendary Bob Moog and present these timeless sounds in software for anyone to use in their music.”

The goal of these sample-based Moog-themed products is to broaden the awareness of the wonderful sounds of Moog synthesizer history and the accomplishments of Bob Moog as well as bringing musicians an affordable source of some of the boldest, phat, punchy, liquid and cutting synth sounds you can find anywhere. From the deepest rumbling sound of Taurus bass pedals to creamy synth leads of a variety of rare Minimoogs® to the silky ethereal
sound of a Polymoog� string pad, SampleMoog is one diverse synth plug-in to use in any style of music from electronic music to rock, hip hop, R&B, pop, progressive, avant garde experimental and more.

Bob Moog’s daughter, Michelle, director of the Bob Moog Memorial Foundation for Electronic Music had this to say about the project: “Dad was committed to creating tools that allowed musicians to customize their instrument’s sounds and therefore give their creativity a musical voice; this product is an extension of that in the digital world. The Bob Moog Foundation is honored to be part of this tribute to the sounds and legacy of Bob Moog and
is deeply grateful to Sonic Reality and IK Multimedia for their support.”


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