Next Logic Pro …. Logic Pro X?

We reported earlier this year that Apple was not planning on releasing Logic Pro 8. Rumours stated that instead Apple was working on another package that would be a Protools Killer application. As the new application probably will be based on OSX Leopard, a name would be Logic Pro X. Speculations are this new application will incorporate a touch screen interface and use a new musical instrument that Apple has patented. Furthermore the GUI is greatly improved and the overall workflow should be much better.

Back to the name. We think the new application will carry the name: Logic Pro X. We found at an online bookstore that there is already a book announced called, you guessed it, Logic Pro X Power.

The release date of this book by Don Gunn and Orren Merton is scheduled for November 2007. We don’t know if the title of the book is “final”! Maybe the image is just a placeholder and will be changed to its final title when Apple releases the final details on this new application!

The description tells us:
“Logic is one of the most popular sequencers on the music technology market today. Logic Pro is professional enough to be common in Pro Tools-based studios, and musician-oriented enough to be extremely popular among hobbyists, especially among musicians who started out using Garageband. “Logic Pro X Power!” offers step-by-step explanations as well as tips, tricks and visual walk-throughs that will help you easily understand this complex program. Its comprehensive index is a unique feature designed to provide you with a quick guide to the book’s extensive topic coverage. This book will serve as a complete reference and guide to using Logic.”

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