VirSyn releases Poseidon

A piece of Art is born – POSEIDON. If you thought that everything is already invented then POSEIDON will wake you up!

At first sight POSEIDON looks like a simple structured analog “Oscillator-Filter” synthesizer with all controls visible at once. This gives POSEIDON the ease of use with nearly no learning curve. The real power is working under the hood: The oscillator is nothing less than the award winning spectral modelling sound generator of CUBE. The variable slope Filter is a completely new design based on the unique F-domain synthesis.

Main features:
– Spectral modelling oscillator
– Time machine
– Timbre control
– F-Domain Filter
– Spatializer
– Resynthesis
– Effects
– Arpeggiator

Poseidon is priced at Euro 199 and immediately available.


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