Audio Damage updates Dubstation to version 1.2

The DubStation plugin is modeled on the bucket-brigade style of vintage delay units, and has all the mojo that made those boxes great. Accurate down to the warm sound of the feedback loop and the low fidelity character of the originals. Dubstation has been updated to version 1.2.

1. Dubstation now works at all sampling rates, up to 192kHz. There was a problem with RAM allocation that made long delay times at higher sampling rates work oddly. This has been fixed, and Dubstation now works (and sounds) exactly the same at any sampling rate.

2. Automation bugs with AudioUnits fixed. Users of Logic and Digital Performer were experiencing some troubles with automation. This has all been addressed, and AU automation should be fully operational now.

3. On OSX machines, some users would experience trouble with the installation, where the installer wouldn’t put the plugins in the correct location. This has been fixed.

Dubstation VST is now at version 1.2, and Dubstation AU is now at version 1.2.1. Log in to your account in the Audio Damage store, view the pertinent transaction, and re-download the installer. This will give you the latest versions. This update will not affect existing projects.

Audio Damage

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