Eiosis updates AirEQ to version 1.3.1.

Eiosis has just released version 1.3.1. of AirEQ. A new type of musical equalizer, featuring analog like curves, no processing delay and low cpu usage. It is the only equalizer on the market with such characteristics.

New features:
* Clip indicator: Show or hide the output clip LED. Normal or hold mode. In hold mode, you can reset the state of the LED indicator by clicking on it.
* Separate disable of input and output M/S matrixes. You can now use an external M/S encoder or decoder before or after AirEQ.

Bug fixes:
* Plugin load problem on OSX on certain hosts and certain circumstances is now fixed.
* Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor: crash while saving a project is fixed.
* GUI refresh when using display options on VST PC now works fine.


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