Eiosis updates ELS Vocoder to v1.05

Eiosis has updated ELS Vocoder to v1.05. The ELS Vocoder recreates the sound of classic vintage vocoders. Moreover, you can produce a wide range of new and innovative sounds and effects.

New features:
* ADSR envelope on the Synthesizer output VCA.
* LFO width added.
* Lo amplitude modulation mode for FM modulation.
* Output volume is now adjusted to the Q factor of the filter bank.
* More options for the modulation wheel assignation.

Bug Fixes:
* DC signals are now removed from input and output.
* Circular assignation of midi notes in polyphonic mode is now fixed.
* Updated Voice/unvoice presets.
* Updated Pitch tracker presets.
* RTAS bug on HD system is now fixed.


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