VirSyn releases Poseidon 1.2

Virsyn have announced the release of Poseidon 1.2 featuring new inverse filters for formant preservation, bitmap import for the sonification of images, and more.

* ‘Inverse filter’ model for separation of sound source and body enables preservation of formants.
* Bitmap import function to convert images into sound.
* New harmonic/wavetable analyzer modes ensure strict harmonic partials.
* Unison modes for suboctave and fifth.
* Added filter and blur functionality to residual noise.
* Output limiter.
* 64 new presets.

* Output muted if sound model is missing/deleted.
* Partial count “1” working now.
* Residual noise level is now normalized.
* Wave recorder display problems fixed.
* PC version: File dialogs were sometimes hidden behind main screen.


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