zplane.vielklang 1.0.1. available

A maintenance release of vielklang, version number 1.0.1, is now available for download. This release includes stability and performance improvements over version 1.0. The update is recommended for all users.

Improvements vielklang 1.0.1:
* [enh] improved performance at end of vielklang playback
* [enh] improved one-click buying process in demo mode
* [enh] state of follow cursor and single voice output is remembered
* [fix] Drift automation did not work properly
* [fix] initialization of Drift preset values was wrong
* [fix] Time Displays (Offset, Marker Positions) could be wrong on some systems due to rounding issues
* [fix] double clicks could be hijacked in Cubase under certain circumstances
* [fix] harmonization settings could be wrongly disabled when loading a project/snapshot under certain circumstances
* [fix] adding snapshot could lead to crash under certain circumstances
* [fix] Logic controls could not be adjusted during project playback


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