GForce Minimonsta gets UB update

The fourth and final instrument in GForce’s range, the incredible Minimonsta:Melohman, gets a Universal Binary update (and Virtual String machine’s on the way!). GForce Software can put the task of releasing Universal Binary versions of their award-winning instruments behind them, because the last UB instrument, the epic Minimonsta: Melohman, is now complete!

The Minimonsta is a Minimoog on steroids, i.e. the ‘greatest synth of all time’*, with added punch and attitude. It should also be noted that the Minimonsta is the only GForce application that can also be used as an effect, making it an incredibly flexible tool.

The original Minimoog was used by just about everyone of any note including Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Rick Wakeman and Steve Winwood. The Minimonsta’s roster of users includes many of those pioneers as well. “I closed my eyes and could not believe it was not the real thing”, says Winwood of GMedia’s virtual version and Wakeman adds: “there’s simply nothing out there that comes close to this little beauty.”

Meanwhile the music technology press went mad when they reviewed the Minimonsta with Computer Music concluding that it is even: “an improvement on the original” and Recording magazine noting that it exhibits: “a new level in software synthesizer performance”. Meanwhile Future Music stated that “purists and pioneers alike will love the Minimonsta” and concluded that Minimonsta “leaves all competing Moog emulators smoldering in the dust”.

The update is free to users who purchased and registered their instrument after the 1st October 2006. For these users the instrument has automatically been allocated to their accounts at the GForce website. If you purchased your Minimonsta before 1st October 2006, you will need to update to the Universal Minimonsta via the shop at a very reasonable price of £13.99 (plus VAT), €19.99 (plus VAT) or $26.00.

With the Universal Binary versions of their existing instruments now complete, GForce can now concentrate on completing their much-anticipated Virtual String Machine which should be available in six weeks time.

*) The Moog Minimoog was voted number 1 in the recent 20 Greatest Synths Of All Time chart at

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