Mackie updates Tracktion to v3.0.2.6.

Mackie has updated its Music Production Software Tracktion to version Tracktion is a fast, powerful, complete solution for turning your ideas into finished songs. Tracktion 3 comes with all the power and plug-ins you will ever need.

New features in this version:
* Added support for Frontier Designs AlphaTrack.
* Added Virtual MIDI Inputs.
* Added support for up to four inputs per track.
* Added support for Channel Pressure (Mono Aftertouch).
* Added assignable color for overlapping clip waveform(to help when lining up overlapping clips and telling them apart).
* Added new plug-in compatibility file on PPC Mac to force plug-ins into a VST 2.3 or 2.4 compatibility mode(should help many of the Mac plugin interface issues).
* Added support for text filters on Folder Tracks.
* Added outline to zoomed out clips to match collection clips.
* Added ability to add or delete a note in the MIDI editor by double-clicking with the arrow tool.
* Added support for up to eight CPU cores on the settings>audio tab.
* Added shift-click to select multiple files in the project tab.
* Added push encoder on control surfaces to toggle between discrete parameter states.
* Added support for F13-F16 keys on a Macintosh.

Next to these new features many bugfixes have been resolved.


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