Artillery2 from Sugar Bytes released

Sugar Bytes has released Artillery2, the second generation of the versatile Effect Keyboard plug-in.

Artillery2 is a MIDI controlled multi effect plugin that comes with 28 effects which can be put to keyboard zones and triggered with MIDI notes. With Artillery2 you can create unlimited effect combinations and modulate effect parameters with an unlimited number of modulator engines.

The included effects vary from classics (Delay Effects, Filters, Compressors etc) to innovative creations like Looper, Step Looper, Reverser, Vocoder with internal Synth, Vowel Filter, Karaoke or a Turntable effect.

The Features:
– 200 Presets
– 28 Innovative High Quality Effects
– FX Activation via Midi in Toggle und Gate mode
– Realtime Key Quantisation
– Universal Modulator per Parameter
– Dry/Wet Envelope per effect
– Full Integration of Midi and Host Automation

Priced at 149 Euro.

Sugar Bytes

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