Crysonic release nXtasy V2 for Mac OSX and PC

Crysonic today announced the release of nXtasy V2 and availability in Native Mac OSX AU,VST (PPC/Intel Mac) and PC VST formats. nXtasy V2 is an Analog based multi Octave Harmonic saturation Audio DSP plug-in supporting 64-Bit internal precision. nXtasy can be used through out the entire chain of music production from tracking, live use to mixing and final mastering.

The primary ability of nXtasy is to add multi-octave harmonics and en-duce tube like saturation effects that are extremely close to popular analog hardware. It is especially potent for enhancing and adding punch to bass and clarity to any audio material as well as enhancing any sound lacking in harmonic content.

nXtasy V2 is ‘Super CPU Efficient’ and can easily be applied to as many tracks as required at once without straining system resources and thus opening many creative uses. Comprising of a very user friendly new interface and an LCD Panel layout, nXtasy V2 enables rapid tweaking to establish the right sound for your requirements.

nXtasy V2 is now available to purchase On-Line from the crysonic website and is available for Mac OSX Universal Binary AU, VST and PC formats.

nXtasy V2 main features:
. Multi-Octave Vintage Harmonic Adjustment
. Analog Saturation induction
. Tape Saturation induction
. Super CPU Efficient
. Separate Left and Right Channel control
. Linking of Harmonics Channels
. Graphical LCD Panel
. Mouse Over Help / Hint per control
. Wet / Dry Mix Dial
. Full automation for all parameters via the host
. Extremely efficient CPU usage
. 64-bit internal precision
. 24bit/96Khz audio support
. Highly optimized assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform
. Mastering, Mixing, Tracking, restoration, audio post production and track sweetening
. Available for both Mac and PC


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