KeyToSound Production Pack bundle coming soon

KeyToSound has announced the Production Pack, a collection of four new signal processor plug-ins : Dynamic EQ, Essential Compressor, Precision EQ and Vintage EQ.

The Dynamic EQ is a 64 bit, zero latency signal processor that combines the functions of a compressor with the results of an equalizer. The Essential Compressor is a versatile and transparent compressor, designed for the discerning engineer who does not want any coloration or character added to the signal. The Precision EQ offers precise equalization, featuring an FFT representation of either the input or output signal, you can see your equalization results, even if your ears deceive you. The Vintage EQ gets its name from the warmth and character you hear when passing a signal through this EQ.

The Production Pack will be available for Windows and Mac OS X (UB) in VST, AU and RTAS formats in stores worldwide with the retail price yet to be announced. Individual downloads will also be available in the KeyToSound web shop. Note that beta demo versions of the Dynamic EQ and Essential Compressor are available now.


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