Rob Papen releases Preditor 1.1

A new version of the awarded virtual Rob Papen synthesizer Predator has been released, Predator 1.1

Added are new whicked functions for the FX section, detail improvements and new presets included presets of the famous Dutch producer “Junkie XL”

– You can bypass individual FX’s by clicking on the FX number.
– Extended Preset Menu, you can now access all the preset controls (such as recalling presets) via this menu
– You can use normal text instead of LCD text in GUI via a switch in the back screen
– Limiter for Flanger / Phaser
– Filter envelope & LFO are now available as modulation sources.
– You can use normal text instead of LCD text in the GUI
– Oversampling CPU throttling, reduces the CPU usage at 88 – 96 Khz
– Improved preset loading, it takes less time & CPU now and should be no anomalous noises when loading presets
– Bank Loading via midi works properly now
– lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements
– New presets included JunkieXL presets!

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