VirSyn releases Poseidon 1.4 with PoleZero filter technology

The new version 1.4 of POSEIDON introduces the exciting PoleZero filter technology for modelling very complex resonant characteristics with up to 8 bandpass/notch filters.

New features:
* PoleZero Filter with up to 8 band-pass and 8 notch filter with morph function between two filter parameter sets. As a result the PoleZero filter can model very complex resonant characteristics, for example acoustic instrument bodies, the human vocal tract or something that does not exist in nature. Even more you can use two parameter sets named “Filter A” and “Filter B” to interpolate between two resonant structures in realtime with the “Morph” parameter. There is also a “Cutoff” parameter which let you move the complete filter structure up and down in the frequency range in realtime.
* New filter for emulation of analog 24 dB lowpass.
* 50 new presets demonstrating the new filter types.

Bug fixes:
* Mac/PPC: Crash on image import.
* Timing of MIDI program change messages improved.
* Filter parameter with type sensitive labels.


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