AraldFX releases Stormgate 3

AraldFX is pleased to introduce StormGate3. It is an essential tool for an electronic musician. It is an innovative multiband rhythmic gate which lets you draw amplitude patterns and apply them to any sound to produce interesting rythmic sequences out of anything: pads, noises, vocals.

StormGate3 has also many more other features, such as envelope controlled filtering with finer control over the cutoff frequency than most of the PCF on the market, MIDI CC output to control external synthesizers or effects, multiband envelopes recording and more, much more.

StormGate3 offers four different configurations:
* Three bands mode: a pure three band rhythmic gate!
* DIST+LPF+GATE: Three serial effects: analog sounding overdrive, low-pass filter and a gate!
* LPF+DIST+GATE: Similar to the previous configuration, but you can get sounds similar to those produced by the Roland TB-303 thanks to the analog sounding overdrive effect placed after the resonant filter.
* Two bands mode: overdrive on the lower band and gating for both bands!

Not enough? If your host allows it, you can use the envelopes to control external software or hardware synthesizers or effects by translating the envelopes to MIDI control change messages! Bring some new life to your old synthesizers!


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