Audio Damage releases Liquid through zero flanger

Audio Damage is pleased to announce the release of Liquid, an analog-style through-zero flanger.

Unlike traditional flangers, which are just short delays with a bit of feedback, Liquid models the original flanging method, where two tape machines were used to create artificial double-tracking effects.

The difference in sound between this type of flanger and what is commonly available is significant, and Liquid provides a much more usable effect. Perfect for “stereo-izing” monophonic signals like voice and vintage analog synths, Liquid also provides more mind-bending flanging at higher feedback settings.

-True through-zero flanging.
-Perfect for “stereo-izing” analog synths, electric pianos, and other mono sources
-Capable of extreme vintage-style flanging effects
-Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control (VST version only)

Liquid is now available for purchase in the Audio Damage store at US$29.00 for OS X AudioUnits and VST, and Windows VST.

Audio Damage

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