Crysonic release Spectraphy LE Pro Audio Limiter/Maximizer

Crysonic today announced the release of SPECTRAPHY LE, a highly optimized look ahead Brickwall Limiter and Loudness Maximizer based on its bigger brother SpectraPhy.

SpectraPhy LE has been designed to be used for tracking, mixing, Mastering and Live use or when ever a large quantity of limiters are required per project. Just as in the original SpectraPhy the proprietary Crysonic physics based approach is employed at the core DSP level, ensuring a very transparent sound with maximum loudness and no digital-overs.

SpectraPhy LE is now available to purchase On-Line from the crysonic website and is available for Mac OSX Universal Binary AU, VST and PC formats.

SpectraPhy LE main features:
* Proprietary Physics based Peak Limiting and Loudness Maximizing
* Look-ahead Brickwall limiting with no overshoots, less then 0.2 ms Delay
* Individual Left / Right Channel Limiting with Linking ability
* Graphical Spectrum and Attack / Release Display
* Pre-Smooth function to tame high transients
* Easily have 1-60 instances per project (Depending on Processor)
* Pre or Post output Spectrum
* Velocity Sensitive Dials for extreme precise adjustments
* Maximum transparent loudness
* Full Automation for all parameters PC and Mac OS X
* Very Intuitive GUI
* 64-bit internal precision
* 24bit/96Khz audio support
* Highly optimized custom DSP code
* Suitable for Mixing, Tracking, Mastering and Live use
* 64-bit internal precision
* 24bit/96Khz audio support
* Assembly DSP code with Vectorization on the Mac OS X Platform
* Available for both Mac and PC


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