No, not Lego but a Tangible Sequencer

Well at first glance it may look like a toy that your child would love to play with, and well … it could actually, but it is a musical sequencer. The Tangible Sequencer is a simple musical instrument. There are 8 colored boxes each with a large triangular play button that lights up in time with music. Press play on any box and it will play a sound. Put boxes next to each other and they become aware of one another. The boxes take turns playing their sounds one after another just as you have laid them out. Just follow the arrows!

Create a composition by laying out the boxes. Make some different shapes and press play on a box to see how your composition sounds. Now pick up one of the boxes and move it to change your piece of music as its playing!

Compose, perform, improvise and play with others at the same time.

– Applications:
Multi-user collaborative instrument
Introduce children to making their own music
DJ Performance System
Real-time sound or video editing
Teaching tool for languages
Rehabilitation tool
Accessible instrument for people with reduced dexterity

For more details check out The Tangible Sequencer

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