To Logic or not to Logic … 8

It has been a while since we mentioned the development of the new Logic from Apple. The rumours on the internet were buzzing it would be the next ProTools killer. Excited to get more details on the past big gear shows (NAMM), we were disappointed as Apple brought us … nothing. Well, no details on the Logic story.

But this week the runours swelled up again. With the release of the next generation of logic to be sooner as we all would think. A beta program is supposed to get to the final stage just before the final release.

Some details according to an ‘anonymous’ source:
“- Automatic Beat Detection – like Pro Tools Beat Detective, you can now slice up a loop into a series of individual beats, then stretch the sample, quantize etc, nothing new here, just playing catch up with the rest of the industry
– Redesigned Single Window Interface – Everything is basically done in a single window and the plug-ins and menus slide in and out of the main arrange window, much like GB 08. (btw the environment is gone)
– New Synthesizer line-up – A lot of the older synths have been booted out – eg ES1, ES2, EFM 1. The newer ones such as Ultra Beat and Sculpture have been slightly revised.
– New workstation style synth – This is sort of like a virtual Korg Oasys, with all the sounds you could ever want, closer inspection reveals a 30GB rom. I have to say this is a very very very nice synth – much better than Xpand! for Pro Tools, and the acoustic instruments are better than the ones found in the Oasys.
– Plug-ins – some new vintage compressors, but nothing really special.
– Release date – sooner than you think!”

Dan from ‘Barbarism Begins at Home’ did even a round up of the rumours on Logic 8:
– New Effects and Instruments – Likelihood: Probably
– New Take Management – Likelihood: Almost Definitely
– .Caf Support – Likelihood: Loops, yes. The rest is anybody’s guess
– Touch Screen Interface – Likelihood: No Way
– It Only Works With Leopard – Likelihood: No Way
– No XSKey – Likelihood: Maybe
– It’s Coming Out On August 20th! – Likelihood: No Way
– A New Name – Likelihood: Maybe
– A New Interface and No Environment – Likelihood: Maybe
– It Will Kill Pro Tools – Likelihood: Maybe

As you might understand all this information, mentioned above, is purely speculative. Apple has not given any details yet. We just hope Apple will get to that of information release as soon as possible. When they do you can be sure we’ll get that to you immediately.

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Barbarism Begins at Home

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