Will this be Logic 8? UPDATE

As long as Apple won’t give the world more details, the rumours will flood the internet every day. Gearjunkies and gearheads just want the latest news, offical or un-official. So these pictures below fall in the un-official category. Make up your own mind!

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Well of course, the pictures above is just one of the meny rumours that appeare not to be true! If you would invert the colors you would get Logic 7. Ah well, ….

On the other hand some other details got out, thanks to SonicState. A short summary of Logic details in their latest Sonic State’s Sonic TALK podcast:
* 1 Window User Interface
* Ableton Live-like browser on left
* Edit area like Ableton Live
* Transparent, floating plugins much like Aperture/iPhoto interface windows
* Announcement is imminent – within the next 2 months

Original Podcast

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