Wizoobooks publishes SynthEdit E Book

Wizoo releases a comprehensive Book on SynthEdit today. Visual VSTi-Programming, A Comprehensive Guide to Creating VST-FX and Instruments with SynthEdit, offers users valuable help and background information for the creation of their own VST Effects and VST Instruments.

Thanks to the Shareware-program SynthEdit, everybody is able to create their own synthesizer and effects without previous knowledge of higher programming languages. Following the example of modular synthesizers, modules become the users very own creations in a very easy way, thanks to this software.

Many Synthesizer-maniacs did not embrace SynthEdit because of the lack of a comprehensive documentation. The European-American authors H.G. Fortune / Editor, Peter Schoffhauzer and David Haupt crafted a work which will enrich the SynthEdit community through its detailed description of functions and countless examples from practical experience.

In addition to this eBook counting 300 pages, Wizoobooks offers a large resource page containing tools, mods and links for SynthEdit. Visual VST/i-Programming is available for $ US 14.99 via www.wizoobooks.com

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