zplane.development announces version 1.1 of vielklang

Zplane.development announced the release of vielklang 1.1 in September 2007. They made vielklang an even more versatile and powerful tool in the production process. The release of version 1.1 will definitely extend vielklang’s lead as the quickest, easiest and most musical harmonization tool available.

New Features

* RTAS support
* Timing Humanization Control
* Two-Voice Harmonization Mode
* availability of four-voiced (7th) chords
* single note splitting and muting
* possibility to save harmonization as audio and/or Midi to file
* drag’n’drop of Midi to track
* multiple pitch selection in edit mode
* option to smooth out note transitions

Furthermore there will be changes under the hood that will improve overall quality.


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