Flux releases Pure Limiter version 1.2.

A version 1.2 is now available for every Flux plug-in. Latest product update is for the recently released Pure Limiter.

What’s new in version 1.2.?
– The preset management has been improved. Now it features a Global Preset section allowing to save two presets and the morphing slider position in a single Global Preset.
– Audio Unit is now supported.
– New factory presets are available for every plug-in.
– Solera has been enriched with phase inverter and Dry Mix features.
– Epure now fetures In / Out routings including MS encoders / decoders. A channel group management is also available.
– Of course Flux Customers may update for free their current products.

As usual for Flux plug-ins, 8 audio channels are supported up to 384 KHz. The processing is 64 bits float, and the A / B morphing section authorizes fast and precise operations. The Pure Limiter also features the new preset management related to all 1.2 versions of the Flux products.

The Pure Series are now sold individually: Pure Compressor, Pure Expander, Pure DCompressor, Pure DExpander and Pure Limiter can now be purchased separately for €100 each.


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