Sugar Bytes releases light edition Unique

Sugar Bytes has released Unique LE, a Light Edition version of Unique, although it still delivers the same ‘ultra analog’ sound as its big brother as it contains exactly the same ‘circuitry’. Presets can be exchanged between the full and the LE version.

Features/details :
* 300 Presets.
* 2 multi-mode oscillators with individual amp envelopes.
* Versatile filter: 5 modes x 5 mods x 9 vowels.
* Arpeggiator per osc with dual-voice mode.
* 8 voice polyphony.
* Internal control sources: LFO, Envelope and Step Sequencer.
* Multi effect.
* Sub sine oscillator.
* Super versatile retrigger system for modulators.
* Super complex all analog style circuitry at a tiny cpu charge.

Features in Unique that are not present in Unique LE:
* Polyphonic pan.
* Pan per oscillator (just a master pan).
* Autopan.
* Vibrato.
* 2nd Effect Section.
* Motion (Recordable XY) Controller.

Unique LE costs €69 and is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU formats. Demo versions are available.

Sugar Bytes

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