YOU can watch Reason 4 on the TUBE

As you might have noticed Propellerheads software released the long-awaited version 4 of Reason this week. The main new features of Reason 4 are: Thor, a multi-synthesis synthesizer with six oscillator types, four different filters, a step sequencer and a modulation matrix. Fully routable. Fully automatable. Fully everything. RPG-8, a monophonic arpeggiator with multiple play modes, an insert function and a pattern section. And then some. Reason’s new revamped sequencer now features multiple track lanes, vector automation, dedicated device tracks, clips, count-in and more. A lot more. Regroove, a realtime, 32-channel timing and groove handling mixer. Applies non-destructive, freely editable grooves to Reason’s sequencer tracks.

Propellerhead have added video’s at YouTube for us to get a closer look at these new features.

Other videos
New Sequencer

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