Audio Damage boys working on Vapor

Audio Damage is on a roll, with recent new products like Dr. Device, Fluid and Liquid, they announced development of Vapor. It is sort of a New Thing. In their own words: “psychosomatic frongulator”. Quickly followed by a better description: “And what does it do? It has delay modulation, like a chorus, but it has diffusors, like a reverb. More or less. This is a semi-unstable network, and at extreme settings can make Intergalactic Robot Noises; it can also give a nice sheen to most any sound at more temperate settings, or knock the corners off pretty much anything.”

From the AnalogIndustries Blog: “Vapor is meant to be an effect that is quite subtle, as a way to give background synth, strings, or guitar some life, but as you can plainly hear on the drum sample, it can easily be used as a special effect. I’ll put up some more samples once we get the DSP really dimed in.”

For audio examples please visit the AnalogIndustries Blog

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