Cakewalk releases first Sonar 7 update

Cakewalk has just released its first update since the release of Sonar 7 recently. Please note that users must have SONAR 7.0 installed in order to run this update.

Notable Fixes:

– Main Application:
o Various performance / stability issues
o In a project with tempo changes, splitting a clip sometimes caused the first part of the clip to be deleted
o Drag editing note velocities in one clip in the PRV sometimes affected velocities in other clips in the same view
o Copying bus envelopes did not work correctly
o Clip Effects icon was not functional
o When Auto-Punch recording inside loop markers, recording would start at the beginning of the loop instead of the Auto-Punch start
o MIDI Activity Indicator would sometimes remain in the Windows System Toolbar if the application crashed
o Hyphenation in the Lyrics View was not functional
o Importing track templates now correctly creates mono synth outputs
o Changing audio buffer size with an external insert in a project could freeze the audio engine, requiring a restart
o Bus solo was not always working correctly when the source contained a mix of aux sends
o Bus waveform preview would sometimes freeze on a system with ASIO4ALL drivers.
o When setting the EQ to post-FX, inserting a plug-in into an empty FX bin would sometimes crash SONAR.
o Gluing MIDI controller events sometimes resulted in a crash.
o Pre-SONAR 7 projects that use a Sonitus:fx Compressor or Gate as a clip effect would sometimes not playback in SONAR 7.
o When recording Track Pan at the end of a project, SONAR would sometimes crash.
o MIDI scrub tool and MIDI bounce now recognizes muted clips and events.
o Sometimes SONAR would yield stuck notes when using the MIDI scrub tool
o First few seconds of envelopes sometimes ignored by Fast Bounce in projects implementing delay compensation.
o When bouncing MIDI clips, clip mute, layer mute and event mute states were sometimes ignored.

– Step Sequencer:
o Various performance / stability issues
o Step Sequencer does not automatically scroll when adding notes at the end of the screen
o Rows can not be copy/pasted
o Undo now restores steps correctly when in mono mode
o Performance improvements when undoing a series of velocity adjustments made with the mouse wheel
o Step indicator lights sometimes got out of sync when using Fit to Quarters
o Controller event drawing was not undoable
o When Lock Data is applied to a Step Sequencer clip, velocity values could still be modified
o Delete Row button sometimes disappeared

– Plug-ins and Components:
o New Radius Library from iZotope to improve compatibility on a 64-bit timeline
o Dimension LE DXi x64 should be included
o Dimension LE did not appear in plug-in menus under Standard User accounts on Windows XP
o PCR-30, PCR-300 and ACT Control Surface plug-ins now have an improved Match mode
o Updated Perfect Space from Voxengo to support computers with > 2GB RAM
o Updated LP-64 plug-ins to address clicking during automation
o New sidechainable Sonitus:fx Compressor and Gate plug-ins did not installer over these plug-ins that shipped with SONAR 6.2.1 and SONAR 5 Producer Edition.


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