ImageLine releases Maximus and Edison

Image Line Software, the developers of FL Studio, introduces to the market its latest audio tool, the Multiband Maximizer Maximus. It combines high quality Maximizer, Compressor, Limiter, Noise Gate, Expander, Ducker and De-esser. It can be used either as a mastering plugin or as a per-track effect.

“Maximus will quickly become one of the most rewarding tools in your recording and mixing arsenal”, noted its developer and Chief Software Architect at Image Line Software, Didier Dambrin.

To enhance and improve the final track Maximus applies level maximization via compression and or limiting across three frequency bands (High, Mid and Low). It takes the input signal, passes it through a variable high-pass filter and splits it into these three frequency bands.

“Used sparingly, Maximus raises the volume of the track without introducing unwanted distortion and ensures that the quieter parts, often lost in the mix, are more easily heard”, explained Didier Dambrin.

Maximus comes with four independent compression envelopes – one for each of the three bands and Master envelope (applied to the combined output of the three sub-bands). Compressing key frequency bands independently allows Maximus to avoiding the pumping effects that can arise when compressing is applied to the whole frequency spectrum. In the end, this means more transparent compression or louder maximization depending on the users needs.

The fully editable compression curve for each of the four compressors allows Maximus to create any shaped knee or special compression effect.

Key features:
* 3 independent user-definable High Mid Low (HML) frequency bands
* Custom look-ahead for the HML bands and Master compression envelopes
* 4 limiter/compressors: One per HML band plus a Master wide band limiter/compressor
* Each compressor has a multipoint compression curve. Create any shaped knee or special effects (limiting, compression, gating or expansion)
* Fully configurable. Any of the HML or Master compressors can be bypassed to configure Maximus to suit any limiting, compression or maximization task
* Two saturation types per HML & Master bands, with independent gain
* Phase-free mixing between the frequency dependent compressors and the master, perfect for parallel & NY-style compression
* 4 Independent stereo separation controls, one per band, for independent bass through to high-end separation shaping

Edison, the wave recorder/editor, will change forever the way you think about working with audio. It’s a fully host-integrated audio editing and recording tool that loads into any VST compatible effects location and will then record or play audio from that position.

You may load as many instances of edison as you desire, in any number of mixer tracks or effects locations.

Key features:
– Optimized for sampler use (sampler region, seamless looping)
– Drumloop slicing (auto-slicing, slice manipulation)
– Quick drag&drop support (between instances or to your sequencer/other plugins)
– Various recording modes (start/stop with host, on audio input, can also work as transparent audio logger)
– Time manipulation (time stretching/pitch shifting, scratching)
– Effects: convolution reverb, blur, linear-phase equalization,
– High-quality resampling
– The smoothest spectral analysis display
– Click-free editing
– Full undo history
– Intuitive editing with key feature tool-buttons
– (Pascal) scripted manipulation of waveforms
– Control surface support (FL Studio 8 version)

Edison will not be available as a seperate plugin but is part of the ‘JUICE-pack’. Maximus is available at an introductory price of $119 instead of the retail price of $189.


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