More details released on RMV from Linplug

Over the past few months, the LinPlug lab has been hard at work on the new version of the RM series. They have been contacted by many people interested in what it will be like so we thought they’d give you a special sneak preview.

First of all, a priority has been given to preserving the ease of use that we achieved with the RM IV. This means that the overall look of the instrument has not changed too much. The instrument has been given a new colour scheme that is even easier to read, even after hours in the studio. Key parameters are easy to adjust, and the number of mouse clicks required for general use is minimal. It’s definitely a “hands on” instrument, even more so than the RM IV.

Attention: The screenshot above is about the GUI look, dont look at the features (there are some that wont appear in the next RM as well some essential ones not being shown).

Release planned for December 2007
Coding of the next RM began a couple of months ago. Thanks to Bart, Linplug’s new coder, things have been progressing much faster than in the past. Currently they have 4 people working on it. Bart is coding new features and improving existing features, Pavol (who usually works on the Mac aspects of the instruments) is helping with that too. Branis is working on GUI design and Peter is organizing the project and coding as much as he can.

Fortunately, thanks to you, their large user-base, they didn’t feel the need to make something “new” just to get noticed. Instead, they’ve focused on the practical needs of musicians doing daily studio work. As a result, you won’t find features like adjustable microphone positions and multiple gigabyte kits in the next RM. Rather, you’ll get more than 50 detailed improvements and several new features, all of which will help you to “get the job done”. Their main focus in designing the next RM was that nothing should become too complicated, and that no operation should take longer than it already does. Features that you don’t use won’t interfere with your workflow, while features that are used often are right at your fingertips. They have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with conceptual design questions and they are confident that the next RM is going to be an industry-leading percussion instrument

Grace period started
Though the final price of the next RM is yet to be determined, there are two facts that you can count on: it won’t be more expensive than the RM IV, and you’ll be able to upgrade to the next RM free of charge if you bought the RM IV on or later than 1 July 2007. That’s a 5 month upgrade period so don’t let the impending release of the next RM put you off purchasing the RM IV. The next RM will be available primarily as a download, although it will also be available on DVD (in the case of the DVD version there will be a small additional cost for shipping/handling).


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