Ohm Force updates Ohmicide:Melohman to v1.10.

Ohm Force has updated Ohmicide:Melohman to version 1.10. It features ten new fresh hot base distortion algorithms as well as several improvements and bug fixes. As usual, the update is free for registered users, which can also download an additional preset pack in the Presets area.

* Added new distortion algorithms.
* Main volume also applies on the dry signal.
* Band-vu lights up when the band is inactive.
* Changing the dynamics is less prone to click.
* Removed zippering noise when changing bands frequencies using 7 bit MIDI control.
* Output spectrum gain compensated.
* Bug fix : Ohmicide mono clicks when changing the main volume.
* Bug fix : automation problem with Ableton Live on Windows.
* Bug fix : some parameters initialized with wrong values when reloading a song.
* Bug fix : removed denormal (high CPU usage) in some case.


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