Vember.Audio Shortcircuit for free!

The sampler that started it all. While the competition were busy chasing marketing-checkboxes with 96kHz and multi-gigabyte libraries, shortcircuit delivered high-quality resampling, an innovative selection of filters/effects and an interface tuned towards creative sample mangling.

Specifications (v1.1.1):
User interface:
* Streamlined user interface for fast editing at the sample-zone level.
* Fast editing of multiple zones.
* “In context”-sample preview.
* Extensive drag & drop support (onto the keyrange-view or the list-view).

Sample/Intrument import:
* RIFF wave-files (.wav) (8/16/24/32-bit & 32-bit float, mono/stereo at any sample rate)
* AKAI S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 .akp banks (partial)
* NI battery kits (partial)
* Soundfont 2.00 (partial)
* Propellerhead Recycle 1 & 2

Sampler engine:
* High-quality sinc interpolation
* Oversampling used when needed to prevent aliasing
* Double-precision float math (64-bit) used where it matters (IIR-filters).
* Single-precision float math (32-bit) used elsewhere.
* Supports any sample-rate.
* Max polyphony per instance: 256 voices
* Multiple outputs. (max 16 mono AND 8 stereo-pairs per instance)
* Supported sample-playback modes
* 2 filters / voice
* 3 stepLFOs / voice. Doubles as 32-step stepsequencer and wavetable LFO.
* 2 AHDSR envelopes / voice
* Powerful modulation system with the ability to modulate itself. Destinations include envelope-times, loop-points in addition to traditional destinations.
* Group LFO
* Group modulation routing.
* Group effects. (2 effects / group)


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