Version 2 software for Edirol M-16DX Mixer

The M-16DX is a breakthrough all-digital mixer and audio interface, with an unprecedented low price. Unlike analog mixers, the 24-bit/96kHz M-16DX offers powerful features such as high-resolution EQ, scene memories, and EDIROL’s innovative Room Acoustic Control. Roland has released version 2 software for the M-16DX.

The free v2 software includes Cakewalk SONAR™ and Apple Logic™ modes that enable these powerful DAWs to be controlled out of the box with the knobs on the hardware assigning to their equivalent software controllers, all at the touch of a button. In Logic, for example, the hardware M-16DX appears in the software’s list of compatible controllers and the equivalent controls are tied together automatically once it’s selected. In both SONAR and Logic the controls are assigned in an incredibly logical way so that users will quickly be able to navigate around their chosen software with the Edirol hardware.

The new v2 software can, of course, be used to control all other software that has a MIDI learn facility such as Reason, Ableton Live and many soft synths. This enables any user to make full use of the 54 hardware knobs and numerous assignable buttons on the mixer surface.

The update isn’t just limited to providing MIDI control either. The Scene Memory function has been expanded with the number of memories doubling from 8 to 16 and now each memory is editable whilst loaded.

The v2 M-16DX software shows an ongoing commitment by Edirol to continually keep their products at the heart of today’s desktop music set-ups. It can be downloaded free.


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