VirSyn VTAPE – The Analog Tape Suite

Virsyn is happy to announce the release of VTAPE, The Analog Tape Suite. VTAPE is a set of two plugins based on a thorough simulation of the famous sound of analog tape machines. VTAPE Saturator simulates the recording and playback of an analog tape mastering machine. VTAPE Delay combines this sound with a modern, step sequencer-like tapped delay engine which leads the tradition of the tape echo machines into the 21st century.

* VTAPE Saturator
– Realistic tape emulation
– Tape saturation / compression
– Tape hiss
– Wow & Flutter
– Equalizer
– Aliasing free distortion
– Zero latency operation
– Easy user interface “one page only”.

* VTAPE Delay
– Based on VTAPE Saturator
– Unique step-sequencer style delay pattern input
– Modern tempo-synced delay with up to 32 taps.
– Stereo rotation effect
– Tap Pad for tempo tapping
– Loop filter Lo/Mid/High
– All parameters tweakable in realtime without clicks
– Zero latency operation
– Easy user interface “one page only”

From now till November 30th, 2007 you can buy VTAPE for only EURO 99.- instead of EURO 169.-


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