Arturia announces that Analog Factory 2.0 is now shipping

Analog Factory is a powerful, yet extremely easy to use virtual instrument. Loaded with 3500 legendary sounds (instead of 2000 in the first version) carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths, Analog Factory provides the contemporary musician with a broad, versatile and instantly striking sonic palette. It is also a very versatile instrument: all sounds are dramatically modifiable, which makes this software stand apart from any sample -based collection of sounds.

ARTURIA announces that ANALOG FACTORY 2.0 is now shipping. This update is free
for all registered owners. It features numerous improvements and bug fixes.

New Features:
• Include 3500 sounds instead of 2000
• Now includes presets from the acclaimed Jupiter-8V
• Improved effects management
• Vst 2.4 Cubase 4 ready

Main bug fixes:
· Preset switching has been improved to avoid any problems whilst browsing presets and playing simultaneously
· Improved loading time
· Hanging notes have been eradicated when used within a sequencer
· The preset database has been updated to avoid presets with same name and/or sound
· Fixed a bug in the minimoog engine : on mac intel, some preset parameters could go out of range and cause a bad sound
· The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been improved
· Preferences are now saved automatically after each change to avoid any loss of midi configuration or snapshots


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