New free grand piano add-on CP-80 for Pianoteq

As a Christmas gift to all their customers, Modartt hereby announces their latest add-on: an
electro-acoustic grand piano Yamaha CP-80, s/n 1982.

Yamaha CP-80 was a very popular stage piano at the time (1976-1985) with a unique sound and with an authentic grand piano action. It was considered to be a more touring friendly amplified variant of a grand piano. The model was discontinued when the third generation of much smaller and lighter digital sampled pianos entered the market.

The add-on offers two versions of the CP-80:
1) “CP-80 original” which is an attempt to be as close as possible to the original recorded instrument,
2) “CP-80 restored” which is an attempt to provide a “virtual restoration” of the instrument, renewing particularly the wounded strings which lacked the brilliance from brand new strings.

Important: this add-on requires Pianoteq latest version 2.2.1.

Modartt Pianoteq

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